A truthful reprise of the EESSA-exodus and its historical and cultural consequences

Prof. Dr. Pál Fejes

This writing gives an overview about the errors/unfounded views linguistics/
epigraphists (among them the author himself) published c. in the last century. The mistakes are not only mentioned, they are analysed in detail.

We can find in the paper a brief summary about the events of the EESSA-exodus; the language they had spoken ("lingua franca") and a long series of slowly developing writing-types (NILW, OGAM, (type 1) cuneiform writing). They are developed from the ancient North-Indian Linear writing, briefly NILW. It is very interesting and at the same time also important that the writing-types changed a great deal but the sound-values of the ancient NILW did not change during c. 35-40.000 years!