The collapse of the AIT and the prevalence of Indigenism: archaeological, genetic, linguistic and literary evidences

Dir. Dr. Nicholas Kazanas

The AIT (=Aryan Invasion/Immigration Theory) briefly states that the original homeland was somewhere in Euope: some favour the Germanic plains, others the South Russian or Pontic steppes, others the N-E Anatolian or South Caucasus region and so on. From that location spread groups of people and one of them the Indo-Iranians into what is Persia today. Some stayed there becoming the Iranians (=Persians)while others moved south-eastwards into Saptasindhu, the Land of the Seven Rivers in N-W India and today's Pakistan. The older version says that these Indoaryans conquered those valleys c1500-BCE driving the natives south and aryanised the area. The newer version says that they entered in small waves c1700-1500 and gradually their superior culture spread in the whole area.