Linear A Texts, Part 3

Stuart Harris BS, MS, MBA

This is the last of three translations of Minoan Linear A, texts from Haghia Triada, Khania and Zakros. Many of these were written with a dialect that requires a simple conversion into classic Finnish: for any two-syllable word, switch A with E, and O with U.

Each scribe skillfully found short words of one or two syllables to compress the text. Not every translation is perfect, as I limited myself two words in Kalevala, but the vast majority read fluidly.

HT 117 describes an afternoon wedding party, including the names of six songs for dancing.
HT 123 estimates the cost of a marriage and apportions the cost into four unequalpieces.
HT 128 describes the miserable condition of sheep collected for taxes.
HT Wc 3020 observes that a woman has dyed her hair.
HT Zd 155 laments the terrible pain she suffers from an abscessed eye.
HT Zd 156 calculates a mathematical sequencethat increases by 1 1/2.
KH 5 present managerial progress towards upgrading each field on a farm.
ZA 8 collects weaving supplies for a shipment.
ZA 10 inventories miscellaneous parts of historical looms.
ZA Zb 3 ona pithos predicts how its wizard's drink will be scattered across the fens.
ZA Zb 34 on a pithos announces all is ready for wizard's jaws to float to the top.