Russel Burrows Cave texts

Stuart Harris BS, MS, MBA

In 1982, Russel Burrows discovered a hidden limestone cave in Olney, Illinois, along a branch of the Little Wabash River. Its labyrinth of carefully dresses tunnels contained the missing treasure trove of King Ptolemy of Mauritania, and of his parents Joba II and Cleopatra Selene.

An artifact retrieved from Burrows Cave has a 7-letter inscription in Iberian. It cannot be faked because Iberian was unknown when the cave was discovered. The central figure is a young boy dressed as a warrior. He is Joba II, who transformed Carthage into the wealthiest province of the Roman Empire. The inscription reads that Joba will carry the ashes within of his deceased parent in a funeral ceremony.

Two nearly identical steles from Burrows Cave and Cuenca, Ecuador, have an image of an elephant surmounted by a sun above an inscription in Old European that begins, "Sun Spirit grants Elephant a new land of peace".