Sangamonian America

Prof. Cyclone Covey

The world's leading diatomist Sam Leighton Van Landingham culminatively corroborates the archaeological site Hueyatlaco at the Valsequillo Reservoir just south of Puebla, Mexico as Middle Pleistocene, identifying numerous artifact-associated diatom species that grew extinct before the last glacier. Hueyatlaco corresponds to Middle Pleistocene sites in Europe except possibly older because its extinct animal bones include rhynchotheres (ancestral elephants) believed to have died out before the Pleistocene but obviously lived longer in the New World from South America to California. Van Landingham verfies comparable radiometric dates, geological stratum, and diatomaceous 'Homo erectus' skullcap,as also 'Homo erectus' stone tools found in western American deserts (prairies in the Pleistocene) Wyoming to Chile.