The discovery of the islands in the Atlantic (Stone C8, Cairn T, Loughcrew, Ireland, c.3200 BC)

Dr. Reinoud M. de Jonge, Jay Stuart Wakefield
Netherlands, USA

The megalithic complex of Loughcrew is located at the Boyne River in the County Meath, Ireland. On top of the central hill is the most important passage grave inside the large Cairn T. On the westermost stone C8 of this grave are deeply carved, famous petroglyphs. The images are a unique form of picture writing, and are the most historically important and most beautiful megalithic petroglyphs of Europe. They describe the discoveries of the islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, including the dates of discovery. The petroglyphs were carved c.3200 BC, when the megalith builders gave up their efforts to cross Davis Strait, on the west side of Greenland.