Unearthing the lost city of Heliopolis (Igbo Okwu) - The lost celestial capitel of the Gods of Egypt and Dravidian India

Dir. Prof. Catherine Acholonu-Olumba

In 1950, Thurstan Shaw, a British Archaeologist excavated Igbo Ukwu, the bastion if ancient Igbo civilization and unearthed what could easily fill an entire museum from only three pits. Igbo Ukwu goods proved to be an enigma because it had no relationship with any other goods excavated in other parts of Nigeria or Africa. To add to the puzzle, it was found to relate more to India and this was stated in all studies done at the time. Since 1990, Professor Catherine Acholonu has been conducting field and library research on African Pre-history. In the process she has discovered that ancient Africans wrote inscriptions on stone, pottery and metal, and the most of the items found in Igbo Ukwu carry symbols also found in ancient Egypt, India and throughout the Middle East. Based on these Acholonu took her research team to Igbo Ukwu to conduct interviews and found out that random 'excavation' of buried metal, pottery and piles of beads have been going on for as long as the town has been in existence (continuing even after Shaw's excavation), yet6 no one within living memory knows who left them. She concluded that Igbo Ukwu is standing on a lost city of tine immemorial - a Pre-Historic civilization!

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