South-Germany's unknown Megalithic monuments compared to the well-known European counterparts - Part 2

Walter Haug

The second part of this photo gallery shows the most impressive monuments of South-Germany compard to international counterpats, one on mount Sonnenstuhl near Würzburg-Randersacker (Bavaria) and the other on mount Paradies near Heilbronn (Baden-Württemberg). In Bavaria we have obviously the biggest Allée Couverte on earth with a unique form of facade design, remembering of the stone temples of Malta. And at Heilbronn the almost biggest tumulus have been found, which resembles to Chinese and Japanese tombs of Emperors. It´s a pity, that the archeologists of the Federal Lands does not realize this heritages of mankind. Maybe 66 years of post-war discussion of Nazi-Germanic ideology have unfortunately led to an overcautious exposure to the own overwhelming relics of pre-history.