Ancient signposts

Arthur D. Faram

All my life I have marveled at the stories of my Grandfather told me, as a child, about the Faram family in England. These were stories that occurred prior to their immigration to the U.S. from England in the early 20th century.

As in the case with most of us, I have been too busy making a living and learning the ways of the world to do much ancestral research. Once I retired, for the second time, in 2008, I finally had the time to do the research on our family tree.

During the research I was able to trace our heritage back to 43 BC and the Roman invasion of Britain. I know, any sane person would have to ask how one traces their heritage back that far when there were few historical records of that period? You are right, it would have been impossible had our family not been involved in many major historical events which were all well documented.

During the research I learned that, as is the case today, heads of state, and the persons close to them, possessed certain ancient information that allowed them to know things and prosper in ways that the common man did not. It was while compiling and verifying my family history that I was led from Galicia and Portugal, to Denmark, Scotland, Britain and eventually the United States.

If you are a fan of the Celtics (the civilization, not the basketball team) you know that each of these countries played major roles in the history of the Celtic empire. Rather than writing another book about the Faram clan, I direct your attention to some of the buzz wordsrelated to our family history; Farum Brigantium, Templers, Vikings, Henry Sinclair, Jamestown, Lord Baltimore, and the Newport Tower, RI USA