The Disc of Nebra - Important sailing routes of the Bronze Age displayed in religious context (Nebra, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, c.1600 BC)

Dr. Reinoud M. de Jonge, Jay Stuart Wakefield
Netherlands, USA

In 1999 a gold-plated bronze disc was found in central Germany, dated c.1600 BC. In view of the sun, moon, and stars shown on the disc, an astronomic interpretation seemed logical. However, close inspection showed a relation with the Egyptian Sunreligion. The whole disc turns out to be the face of the SunGod Ra, but also the Ocean with the Sunbark sailing via the Southern Crossing to the land in the west, at the other side of the waters, where the sun sets. It is the Realm of the Dead, at the civilization in Central America. The stars on the disc encode the holy latitude of the Tropic of Cancer at 23 degrees north, and other latitudes of the Southern Crossing, and Central America, supporting this explanation of the disc.