The monument of Ales Stenar - A sunship to the realm of the dead

Dr. Reinoud M. de Jonge, Jay Stuart Wakefield
Netherlands, USA

The huge megalithic ship monument of Ales Stenar, overlooking the Baltic Sea on the South Coast of Sweden, is shown to be a Sunship to the Realm of the Dead. The quadrants of the ends of the ship both contain 23 menhirs at 23 degree angles, encoding the 23 degree Tropic of Cancer, a holy latitude of the Sunreligion that is a numeric feature of all megalithic monuments. Latitudes encoded in the monument, often based upon the site latitude, show the sailing route used on voyages to Central America, located at the other side of the waters, and symbolizing the Land of the Dead. Ales Stenar turns out to be one of the last megalithic monuments of Europe, dated c.500 BC.