Impressive mathematical and geometrical relations on the Disc of Nebra. A mysterious celestial mechanics. The Disc of Nebra a new Stone of Rosette?

Vasile Droj

The author of this article, Vasile Droj, has made a discovery comparable to the Stone of Rosette: the Disc of Nebra is not made at random or at free hand, but on the basis of mathematical-geometrical calculations of high precision, which give an idea of an impressive science. The mathematical-geometrical relations surprise by an unsettling scenario where every character incised on the Disc is at length elaborated, according to an unknown geometry which the author calls ‘Embryonal Synthetic”. The earth is seen from cosmic space in concomitance with an amazing celestial mechanics, which let think if not of an extraterrestrial provenience of the informations contained by the Disc, so surely of a relic from a most advanced civilisation of the past. The Disc of Nebra tells also a new cosmogony with an hint to the circular or orbital energies of which the numerous arcs give evidence. The energy of the circular fields perhaps express an other world where the curved light is the full sovereign.