The emergence of the constellation signs

Kai Helge Wirth

With this publication the author will reveal a fascinating prehistoric system of orientation that has existed over thousands of years, a system that has constantly been visible but could no longer be identified or decoded. It opens surprising insight into the wide range of prehistoric knowledge and the communication horizon of ancient mankind. It demonstrates their immense experience and knowledge about the shape and the course of frontier zones, coast lines of continents, seas and routes for sea faring. Simultaneously, it unveils a navigation system providing a unified network both as a whole and in detail. It is based along a common axis of orientation on two fixed points, one being the northward direction in the Northern sky and the other being the geographic North Pole.

This could be illustrated and integrated in an abstract type of "punched card system" over the countless lights of the nocturnal sky. The origin of so-called star constellations whose enigmatic, mythological meaning has fascinated us until this day, could be proven in a surprising yet plausible manner by uncovering the technique used by prehistoric mankind and shedding light on their pragmatic purpose. The accuracy and meticulous methodology of the projection in a prehistoric "light-point-system" is astonishing; it is exposed as a major orientation and communication system. We are overwhelmed by the early accomplishment, which obliges us to reconsider the entire chapter of the early history of mankind.