Chinese seafaring before 1421 AD.

Dr. Josefine Huppertz

My researches on Chinese seafaring b e f o r e 1421 led to the following conclusion:

1) Already since emperor Yü, who founded the Xia dynasty (2205 – 1766 BC), there were repeatedly overseas expeditions from East Asia to North America (Mexico included), and back, mostly on the route along the Aleutean Islands.

2) Arguments are adduced to the effect that the cultivation of maize has probably not had its origin in the Americas, but in Inner Asia.

3) The thesis is prosented that the so far rather enigmatic Chinese seals, which have been found in different regions of Ireland, may have probably been left there by visiting Chinese overseas merchants.

4) A new proposal is made with respect to the real causes, which may have led to the sudden total ban on overseas activities by the Ming government in 1424.