Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus) - The student of the God-Men of West Africa

Dir. Prof. Catherine Acholonu-Olumba

This short piece is a preliminary chapter in the book "The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam: Unearthing Heliopolis/Igbo Ukwu - The Celestial City of the Gods of Egypt and India". In Book Two of the Trilogy ("They Lived before Adam"), we found much evidence that the gods of Egypt were having copious relationships with the people of West Africa. In fact we discovered that Egyptian Duat was a West African location deep inside the belly Mount Cameroon. We found that Thoth's war with Ra actually played out in West Africa and that the gods of Yoruba, Benin and Igbo mythologies were the same gods known by Egyptians. Accordingly Book Three of the Adam Trilogy was dedicated to dissecting this phenomenon to see how it actually played out. We thus sought out the works of Thoth, the Egyptian god of letters, who kept all the secret records of the knowledge-base of Egypt. In this works - "The Hermetica" and "The Emerald Tablet", we found ample evidence to prove our point that Thoth was a god whom the Igbo called Eri and the Yoruba Orunmila; that Thoth lived in Igbo land and raised there a professional priesthood known among the Igbo to this very day as NRI (Acholonu: "Khem and Isis -God and Goddess of Nubia, The Testimony of Edgar Cayce, Published Online) and elsewhere as "Esh" (which became the prefix of the names of priest-kings all over the world) - a word derived from Igbo Eshi - the name of the god whom the Greeks called Osiris and the Egyptians Aser/Khem. We found copious evidence that Thoth visited the West African "Duat" before the Deluge and was, there, fore-warned about the imminent sinking of Atlantis by the resident god of West African Duat whom the Igbo natives called "Ele" (as the Egyptians cannot pronounce the letter -r-, this god was called Er/Re/Ra among them (a name that was later stolen by a lesser god - a Nephilim). This god, whom the Dogon call "Amma", has been shown to be the leader of the Sirius project on earth. It was this god who made Kush righteous and an instrument for world civilization and awakening. Kush was no other than the god-man whom the early Indians called Rama/Yama, the same god-man whom the Egyptians called "Khem/Aser/Osiris", the Igbo "Eshi" and the Yoruba "Obatala". According to Robert Temple (""The Sirius Mystery" 1987), the word "Khem" meant 'Son of God' and 'God of Generative Power'. It was originated from the Sirius mystery school. The antithesis of Sirius and of the Sirian god-men were called 'Nephilim' in the Hebrew Bible. They came from planet Nibiru ((see the works of Zecharia Sitchen and Sumerian records for details). The much celebrated wars of the gods of mythology, were the hostilities between these two categories of extraterrstrials for earth-control.