The Deucalion catastrophe, Moses route in Sinai and the passage of Red Sea, explained in terms of the Phaethon explosion, following a key in Paulus Orosius

Prof. Emilio Spedicato

In this paper we start from a forgotten page in Paulus Orosius, who worked for Saint Augustin, where he claims that Exodus, India invasion by Dionysus, climatic changes, migrations, the Deucalion Flood did take place at about the same time and were due according to pagans to Phaethon. We develop these statements, assuming essentially that Phaethon was an object external to Earth, possibly a Cruithne object, that due to some event was temporarely captured by Earth. After moving around our planet in a spiraling orbit, it exploded over the Eider river in Schleswig Holstein. The effects of the explosion included huger tsunamis that devasted Crete, the Egyptian delta and pushed the waters of the RedSea to the south, allowing Moses to bypass a point where the road was closed by walking for a short distance over the exposed bottom of the sea. We also propose for Moses a route in Sinai that no one cinsidered before, the point where he bypassed the closed road being just north of Nuweiba.