Some remarks about migration of peoples, tools, weapons, motives of art and even shamanism

Dr. Andreas Lommel (†)

The spearthrower is certainly not an Australian invention. The harpoon where ever it was invented also came from outside to Australia and reached only the north eastern coast at Cape York. Also the X-ray motive certainly a shamanistic motive reached Australia only in a very limited district in Arnhem-Land in the north. So we can assume that shamanism in a certain variation reached Australia from Asia via Siberia.

We have to reckon with different waves of immigrants in different times - out of these groups emerged a very homogenous culture which lived apart from the later Melanesian and Polynesian groups. Those may have touched the shores of the fifth continent Australia but the Aboriginals never accepted specific traits of these cultures: agriculture, pottery, houses …

They remained what they were and kept alive a very old way of living up to our days, intact as we are inclined to think but fossilised and degenerated - incapable to change and adapt.