The origin of the Guanches - Parallels with ancient Egypt?

Reinhard Prahl

On 07, March 1999 Dr. Joann Fletcher, Prof. Don Brothwell, University of York, and Joyce Tylor, University of Cambridge, examined an about 500 years old Guanche mummy from the Canary Islands. They found similarities to Egyptian mummification techniques used in the Egyptian 21. Dynasty. The methods were up to now regarded as unique and have only been related to Egyptian mummies, mummified after 1.070 BC. The research results correlated with the currently accepted theory of settlement of the Canaries. According to this theory two to three immigration waves from Northafrica to the Canary Islands have taken place. The second took place around 1.100 BC. Due to this reason as well as to further cultural similarities, e.g. pyramid-building, some experts come to the conclusion that contacts between Egypt and the Canary Islands, had existed. Both cultures, might have had the same ancestors.