Keltic mines in America

Evan Hansen (†)

In 1976 a book titled "America BC" was published by Barry Fell, who was a professor at Harvard University at the time. This book made the claim that many petroglyphs (rock writings) have been found in America that are actually writings in known scripts from all parts of the world. The two most common are the archaic Semitic script used by the Phoenicians, mostly from Spain and Carthage, and Ogam, a form of writing used by the Kelts. Ogam was based on finger talk, from one to all five fingers of the right hand, left hand, or both, are used to give 15v consonants, like most ancient languages, vowels were assumed, though they did use a circle for the O sound. This was converted to a written form by using a stem line for the body, and short lines for the fingers. It was written both vertically and horizontally, if vertical, the line to right of the reader is B-L-F-S-N, to left of the reader is H-D-T-C-Q, both sides of the line is M-G-Ng-Z-R. If horizontal, B-L-F-S-N is down, H-D-T-C-Q is up.

By using information from this book, and additional information given by Dr. Fell in personal letters, it was possible to identify a petroglyph in southwestern Utah as being written in Ogam alphabet, being a very accurate map to a mining district. This used the same mapping code we still use today, even the using north to the top. This map can be correlated with aerial photos of the areas in question, as proof it is a map. This map gives the location for 8 mines, and I've been able to find 6 of these, including some with both - copper and gold. The danger of gold-crazy prospectors going in to destroy the evidences of ancient mining requires secrecy as the only protection, so the location can only be given for one mine. However, if any honest investigator offers adequate proof they value history more than the gold, a more exact location can be given later.