Ohio Valley crucible

Prof. Cyclone Covey

High culture in pre-Muskogean, pre-Iroquois Eastern U.S. generated in the Ohio Valley and moved outward (instead of vice versa), culminating in so-called Hopewell c.100 BC - 700 AD., which intensified and superseded so-called Adena, brought north by migrants from Lower-Mississippi Poverty Point culture, which in turn derived from Olmec Mexico via Florida, Olmec from Zhou-doomed Shang China. An early-A.D. Mauretanian intrusion up the Misissippi into Hopewell planted the 7 languages that uniquely coexisted in the vassal Roman kingdom of Mauretania which displaced aboriginal Tongues, creolizing as the Mediterranean base stratum of misnamed Algonquin, probably grounded in ritual Egyptian (without ethnic Egyptians). These 7 languages coexisted separately on inscribed stones in early-medieval Burrows Cave, Southern Illinois. The "Algonquin" domain, Shawano Confederation, and Hopewell were cotermi-nous, while largely interchangeable post-Muskogean/post-Iroquois Coosa, Lamar, and Southern Cult represent survivals of the possible Mauretanian-refugee "Algonquin" empire.