Flying in ancient Egypt

Arch. Dawoud Khalil Messiha M.S.

The Egyptian Physician, artist and researcher Dr. Khalil Messiha (1924-1998)discovered an ancient Egyptian wooden aeroplane model in the year 1969 in Caira Egyptian museum. The artifact was found in the excavations around the Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara in 1898 by the French archaeologist Lauret. This piece was registered in the archives of the Museum as a "Statuete of a bird" dated about 200 BC. It was placed inthe bird section of the museum under the number 6347, and a little more was thought of if for 70 years.

He declared to the world on 1972 his amazing discovery. His study to the Pharaonic artifact covered every part of its shape. He found that this model differs considerably from other bird models of ancient Egypt in that it was legless and had a straight tail and wings. Dr. Khalil manufactured a replica model made of balsa wood with the same dimensions as the artifact. The model was pushed by hand and flew a few yards.