The Ogams of the Sun Temple

David J. Eccott

On the walls, and within a cave of a group of tower rocks in Colorado, various inscriptions have been discovered that appear to be comprised of letters of the Ogam alphabet. Ogam was in use, principally in the British Isles, between 400 and 900 AD. Some examples of Ogam have also been located in mainland Europe, but it is not considered to have been brought to the New World, particularly before the time of Columbus. The script found in America also contains certain properties that, specialists say, are not inherent in the Ogam script of the Old World. On that basis, the American version has been dismissed as inauthentic. Nevertheless, when translations of the Colorado Ogams have been attempted, they appear to make linguistic sense and refer to certain astronomical and solar alignments that have subsequently been observed to actually occur. Certain engravings, associated with the inscriptions, also appear to contain affinities with an Old World religion.