Vikings and Payaguas in Paraguay

Prof. Vicente Pistilli

It presents the anthropoligic characteristics of the Payaguas and proposes the research of Ethnicity based on two disciplines: Hermeneutics and Exegesis.

The Hermeneutics provides ethnographic and ethnological aspects. The ethnographic highlights the names of the ethnicity and cultural characteristics, pointing in the artistic crafts with some artistic notes. In the ethnological, there are mentioned the opinions of the researchers, trying to explain the how, drawing on biblical motives to approach the essence of ethnicity.

The Exegesis focuses in the analysis of the Pipes von den Steinen. The small pipe presents the beginning of the Decline of the Nordic Gods with the confrontation of the Serpent of the World against the Tree of the World. In the large pipe it is identified a phase of the Legend of the Nivelungos and several mythical beings confronted in the Rognarod.

The study concludes with the Thesis: The disciplines of the artists of Oseberg, were in Paraguay.