The new world of strange languages

Don Smithana

The enigma of native languages found 500 years ago in the Americas continues to puzzle Historians. Now, using the Scientific Method such as used by engineers, it appears that order can finally be recovered from apparent chaos. Was there a basic and pervasive language that can be found on these continents described as "the New world"? A Big Bang of ancient language coalesced and rained down upon
these two large continents. The author uses a similar tool as employed by the Frenchman that used the Rosetta Stone to recover the meanings of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Scientific method has been used with immense success in the physical sciences where the target subject is too remote or too small to study directly (astronomy and semiconductors). There can be found in the Americas an overwhelming language consisting of a mixture of 3 or more maritime ancient languages. Their vocabulary and grammar were neither New nor Strange from an Asiatic perspective!

Much of this work is original and for that reason may certainly be controversial. This work introduces two rather unique (for American anthropology)techniques for probing the early history of the Americas. One is the Scientific Method and the otehr is treating it from an Asiatic perspective. These, I believe, yield results much advanced beyond contemporary methods.