Engraved foot-prints links of Amas, Hopis and Aborigines

Prof. Nobuhiro Yoshida

A lot of engraved foot-prints have been found together with rock art at many places in the world. In the United States of America, the Loop Canyon, Arizona, has various kinds of engraved foot-prints (from small ones to bigger ones) on rock walls along the canyon, while a researching group led by a professor of Washington University, chanced to see a big
man or a monster-like being walking away in the bush leaving foot-marks as big as 30 inches long on the swamp. At the Waikoloa King's Trail filed, Big Island of Hawaii, we see various kinds of engraved foot-prints on lava rocks, and similar ones can be seen in Kyushu island, Japan and at the top of Mt. Haran, Nynxia, China. Folklores and legends in the Far East tell that giants people and very small people who excelled in stone-work used to live, while the Hopi (Arizona) and the Mihunemia (Hawaii) have a similar mythology of "Mathaw" (giant being) and "Komakah" (dwarfs). This paper is going to discuss a possible link on engraved foot-prints.