The enigmas of stone spheres

Prof. Nobuhiro Yoshida

It is probable that in some stage of prehistoric ages, maybe 12.000 BC to 6500 BC, a certain kind of belief in big stone spheres existed in the world.

Such a hypothesis occured to me when I chanced to behold big stone spheres (6m to 7m in diameter) and smaller ones (1m to 4m in diameter) as seen in Costa Rica, Easter Island, Mexico, United States (at Joshua Tree National Park) and in Japan (at Nishijima islet, Hyogo pref. and at Yamazoe village, Nara pref.).

Such worship of stone spheres is somehow similar to the worship of pyramids of square rock-features as seen in Egypt, Meso-America, India and in the Middle East. And it is to be supposed that those who contributed much in the diffusion of belief in stone spheres wereseafaring people, who sailed across the oceans, of which evidence can be seen in the traditional ritual held by "Ama" or "Uminchu (mariners)" offsprings of the very old seatribes in prehistoric Japan. This paper aims at decoding the enigmas.