The language that Adam spoke: Igbo language in the etymology of world languages

Dir. Prof. Catherine Acholonu-Olumba

"They Lived Before Adam" is Book Two in our Adam Series. It is a 536-page book detailing some of the findings of our 20 years of research into the contributions of ancient (indeed pre-historic Africans) in world civilizations. We encourage our readers to actually read the books so as to see the images we have amassed in support of our argument and to fully follow our line of discoveries and argument in each case. The monoliths which we site in this work are inscribed stones located in the local villages and forests in a place called Ikom in Cross River State, Nigeria. They number over 350 and have been the subject of international research as to who was responsible for their stone inscriptions and when. But until the Catherine Acholonu Research Center went into them, no one had had a clue what they were about. It was thanks to the work of the Center's Director that it was discovered that the inscriptions were linguistic. The following write-up is taken verbatim from chapter 25 of Acholonu's book "They Lived Before Adam".