Ogam stone of Kilbonane, Co.Kerry

Dir. Prof. Catherine Acholonu-Olumba

Though a linguist, I don't consider myself an Ogam scholar, but I stumbled upon it by accident and attempted to match it with my native Igbo language, a West African language spoken in South-Eastern Nigeria, and saw to my surprise that I could do so with much ease. My first translations were from the transcriptions of Barry Fell and Edo Nyland, downloaded from the Internet and published in my books "The Gram Code of African Adam" (2005) and "They Lived Before Adam" (2009).

It is interesting to us to discover that Ogam is connected to Indo Germanic/Indo-European languages because in our groundbreaking publication - "They Lived Before Adam: Prehistoric Origins of the Igbo - The Never Been Ruled" (2009); Winner of the 2009 International Book Awards, USA; selling on Amazon.com, we made the discovery that Indo-European languages are related by cognates to Igbo languages. We have made several tranlations of Ogam sentences into Igbo and many of these are listed in "They Lived Before Adam" and on the official website of the Catherine Acholonu Research Center (www.carcafriculture.org). Our finding illustratedin three major ground-breaking works totalling over 1.500 pages of new research information (which include "The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam" (2010) is that Ogam was transported from West Africa to several continents by African followers of the world conqueror, Kush also called Khem (the founder of Egypt/Khemet).