Matriarchy and female civilization - Traces in antiquity and middle ages

Hon.Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kaltenstadler

The author shows that already Greek myths are a mirror of real history referring to matriarchy and female civilization. Greeek myths often are connected with astonomy; they show that Greeks did know more than seven planets in antiquity. These myths are more than myths. The tradition of a female civilization in antiquity is more than a romance or fairy-tale, it is outlined in the chapter "An early matriarchy in South America". The findings of Caral in Peru show that roots of matriarchy are nearer to our time than until now believed.

The results of research in European and in American antiquity - referring to matriarchy - more and more are going hand in hand. These are confirmed by the archaeological excavations in Ancient Elam. This great culture was perceding the Iranian and Persian civilizations in antiquity.

A lot of those symbols of ancient matriarchy were passed down to Jewish tradition and cabbalistic. More and more even so called serious researchers are convincedthat the "Tree of World" and the "Wheel of World" are female, matriarchal symbols, being common to almost all civilizations. Thus phenomena like the Deluge and Original Sin are not oinly put down exclusively in the Old Testament of Bible. Eben to the 1st millennium BC in some parts of Old Testament there are obversable - but in a more coded way - clear relicts of old matriarchy. Not only in ancient pagan societies Goddesses are handed down, but also in some books of Old Testament, but in a more covered way. Even the authors of New Testament did not succeed in writing out the complete matriarchal tradition. It is not a miracle, that up to out times especially in Mediterranean civilization and even in Central and Western Europe almost forgotten roots of matriarchy may be detected. Some unconventional scientists do not exclude that the Celtic culture even up to middle-ages was strongly formed by matriarchal elements. Maybe also medieval courtly civilization contained relicts of old matriarchy.