Igbo Language: A former global Lingua Franka and the mother of Semitic languages

Dir. Prof. Catherine Acholonu-Olumba

Twenty-year long research into African Pre-history by the Catherine Acholonu Research Center has revealed that ancient West Africans nutured a high civilization that was an off-shoot of the fall of Atlantis and the migrations of its peoples in search of new lands. This work demonstrates through Comparative Linguistics that a West African tribal language which happens to be the mother of Semitic group of languages, was spoken in Atlantis and by the original ancestors of the authors of the Biblical story of Eden. This language, which dates as far back as Adam's time, was spoken in the lost Pre-historic cita of Heliopolis (Yebu) in Egypt's Punt/Panchea, and still remains the language of the Igbo People of Nigeria to this very day. In another article "Unearthing Igbo Ukwu, the Lost City of the Gods of Egypt and Dravidian India", Acholonu references archaeological evidence to support her thesis that Punt, the Pre-Deluge City of the Gods of Egypt was a West African location, and that this lost forest city now called, IGBO UKWU, excavated in the 1950s by British Archaeologist Thurstan Shaw, was where the Egyptian and Dravidian gods of the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics of Hindu Kush
began their story. Kush was the African name for Osiris/Rama, the world civilizer whose story began in Atlantis. Kush and his West African followers were stone builders and megaliths authors whose stone inscriptions (Ogams, Runes, spiritual symbols) are scattered all over the world. (More of Acholonu's write ups and relevant images from her research on diverse related topics are to be found on the official website of Catherine Acholonu Research enter: www.carcafriculture.org)