The Newport Tower: Another viewpoint

William Smith

This report is an engineer's explanation of the five Ws of the Newport Tower located in Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

Who -It was likely built by the Portuguese (Goths) and Dutch (Norwegians), many of which were skilled Masons or member of The Knights of Christ. Led by (Joao Vaz Corte Real).

Where - It was built on the 41.30 latitude north and 71.20 longitude west or the east coast of Vin-Land. Today known as Touro Park, off Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island.Than ks to the City of Newport and the Newport Historical Society we are able to enjoy the beauty and mystery of this ancient structure.

What - It was constructed using materials from the local area which consisted of stone, wood and mortar made of sea shell sand and oil mix. It was constructed with proven technology and alignment skills understood by the builders. It would require 17 men working 78 days to complete the structure. It was built using the Scottish Ell (37.25in./unit).

When - It was likely built in 1472 at the same time the builders were making land claim identified in the (Regal Treaty) to their new discovered Vin-Land. This land claim was identified as all the unclaimed land as far as the eye could see (90 degrees west of Segres, Portugal).

Why - To provide living quarters for the fisherman in the cod fishing industry as well as processing fish, telling time of day, function as a calendar, predict the tides, base station for a lunar compass, light house and even shows evidence of making clay pipes and drying tobacco.