The Kensington Rune Stone and others (West boundary of Vinland?)

William Smith

The mystery or authenticity of the Kensington Rune Stone may be addressed if we look at it's
location with other rune stones found in the United States as well as the similarity of the letters in each stone. It is located on a common magnetic declination line that runs north and south with three other rune stones. In addition to the KRS the Heavener, Oklahoma stone and the Kansas City stone, partial translation point to land claim markers. Today the magnetic declination of that line is 2.40 East. About 500 years ago the reading of the magnetic declination on that line would have been zero. (The difference between true north and magnetic north).

In addition to the location of the KRS and the cluster of mysterious stone holes called mooring stones in the area there are triangle stone holes from the east coast to the KRS site. The only known cluster of stone holes other than at Kensington Hill is the cluster located 65 miles to the south west of Kensington. Could it be possible that the KRS is a land claim dating 1362 which was relocated in 1472 in order to adjust for the 50 miles natural drift to the east of the magnetic deflection line?

For those that feel the KRS is just a 125 year old prank you must explain the many other rune stones and their place in time in America as well.