Glozel texts

Stuart Harris BS, MS, MBA

From 300 to 200 BC, people in southern France wrote in a dialect of Old European called Glozel after the name of the nearest town. In this dialect, the second written vowelof a word changed in a regular manner, except for a reindeer on a stone written without a dialect.

The translations sample a large body of inscriptions on different materials, enough to establish the language, syllabary and dialect.

GLO-49.5, a stone ring, anticipates promotion to leadership of her clan.
984-2-181, a schist bracelet, requests Old Woman 'to plant our desires in a peaceful clearing'.
GF61, a reindeer scratched on stone, calls to dinner and to his death a favorite reindeer.
Tablet 5 encourages her future daughter-in-law to withstand harsh criticism from her relatives, snd lists some special gifts for her wedding, including a wedding sleigh.