Sentinel Rock, Vermont (Discovery of America and Biblical Flood, c.1900 BC)

Dr. Reinoud M. de Jonge

Sentinel Rock is located in Westmore, northern Vermont. It is a big 'glacial boulder', which turns out to be a monument of the Megalithic Culture of New England. It tells the well-known story of the discovery of America in the Fourth and Fifth Dynasties of Egypt (c.2500 BC). It bears a large petroglyph of a Comet, and it turns out to be situated close to an ancient crater having a diameter of 17 km. So, it also tells the story of the Biblical Flood, which occurred at the start of the Sixth Dynasty (c.2344 BC). It was caused by a Comet Catastrophe, at which more than half of the world population perished (2,6 million men). Nearby Lake Willoughby symbolizes this Comet. The monument dates from the Twelfth Dynasty (Middle Kingdom), c.1900 BC.