Compiled Syllabaries of Old European

Stuart Harris BS, MS, MBA

The previous chapters began with bilingual Owners Marks to establish the sound values of Old European letters, then tranlated a range of Old European texts into Finnish. With this background, a number of related scripts were translated, beginning with Minoan Linear A and ending with Russel Burrows cave in Illinois. This chapter contains three translation tools:

1) Compilation of all the previous syllabaries into a master table that is useful for ideas on how an unknown letter might be pronounced or how a compound letter might be teased apart;
2) One-page sheet of Old European arranged by shape of letter;
3) Old European dictionary of one and two-syllable words that includes combinations that are not allowed. This dictionary is indispensable for rapid translation because the subject may be unknown, many letters doubtful and even the dialect may be in question.